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140. [Client Discussion] From Too Many Ideas To A Concise Presentation with Victoria Volk

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Feeling confident with a structure that works.

Victoria knew her message and story about grief needed to be heard on a grander scale, which meant speaking to more audiences. But wach time she spoke, she would over deliver with too much information. Listen to how whe learned how to share the right amount of information as she crafter a signature speech that attracts her new clients and shares her message.

Victoria, the owner of The Unleashed Heart, LLC, is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Self-Published Author, Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified YouMap® Coach, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and End-of-Life Doula. Through in-person and online evidence-based grief programs, life-path coaching, and in-person or distance healing sessions, she offers holistic support to those who want to go from surviving to thriving.

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