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165. Practice vs. Perfection: Breaking Free From the Trap of Perfectionism

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Episode notes

Constantly striving for perfection? Find yourself held back by the fear of being anything less than flawless. Your obsession with perfectionism is hindering your progress. In this episode, you’ll delve into the timeless battle between perfect and practice.  

In a world inundated with perfectly curated images and polished presentations, it's easy to forget that greatness is often born from the humble beginnings of practice and trial runs. 

Don’t misinterpret feelings of awkwardness. Initial discomfort shows up from not having the needed skill set. It’s the fuel to keep you focused and learn new things consciously until they become second nature.

Join us as we uncover the power of embracing practice and the freedom it unlocks for us to reach our full potential.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The importance of acknowledging awkwardness as a natural part of learning and growth
  • How to overcome the heavy weight of perfectionism and unleash your true potential
  • The transformative power of practice in honing your skills and developing confidence

Embrace practice over perfection to unlock your true potential.

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