Will Trump Win? / The verdict: Has fly-by VP debate doomed Trump to defeat?

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"I just don't know if to laugh or to cry to be honest with you. Sure it's funny, but hang on a second..."

Robert Moore is left exasperated as the arrival of an insect overshadows the key exchanges in a debate between two co-leaders within a heartbeat of the presidency.

Digital detective Fred Dimbleby is on hand to make sense of the viral fly moment, while Daniel Hewitt and former White House insider and candidate debate prepper Laura Schwartz pull out the more substantive key moments from this vice presidential debate.

So did Kamala Harris land her punches and avoid a gaffe? Did Mike Pence gain any ground for the president in a race the polls predict he is set to lose? And will the Will Trump Win? team get any sleep after meeting in the middle of the night?