Will Trump Win? / 14. Has Trump gained momentum after final TV debate?

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Episode notes

Daniel Hewitt is joined stateside by Robert Moore - giving instant reaction from the debate’s host city of Nashville - and former White House insider Laura Schwartz from Chicago to review the final presidential televised clash of the 2020 race.

And what a difference a debate makes. While the first was an ill-tempered shouting match, this second and final clash was far more temperature with both candidates giving the other a clear hearing thanks to a mute button and a model moderator in Kristen Welker.

Plus, our dogged digital detective Fred Dimbleby is also on hand to identify which exchanges did - and didn’t - go viral while also examine a potential major flaw in Donald Trump’s social media strategy.

So what did the candidates have to say, did it land and ultimately can it sway the race with less than two weeks until the final day of voting?