Will Trump Win? / Episode 10: Trump’s big mistake and lessons from Monica Lewinsky (with MAGA rally reporter Carl Hoffman)

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Episode notes

"I'm a journalist, but if I ever was a campaign strategist I like to think I could actually win the president this election..."

Robert Moore explains to Daniel Hewitt the key advice he would give Donald Trump to turn the race around, less than four weeks before election day, after seeing him miss another opportunity as he theatrically returned to the White House from hospital.

After Robert's big Hollywood secret is revealed, West Wing insider Laura shares very telling memories of the Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the Clinton administration and explains what the Trump campaign could learn from it.

And - with the president's quarantine stopping him from attending his signature MAGA rallies - Daniel speaks to Carl Hoffman, a National Geographic investigative journalist who went deep into the base of Trump's base. He shares what he discovered and why it poses a threat to the Democrats.