Will Trump Win? / 12: Can Trump's powerhouse rallies save his presidency? (with Mississippi traveller John Irvine)

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Episode notes

"Extravagant, outrageous, ebullient... this was the president as we've always known him."

Robert Moore reflects on the power of Donald Trump's public appearances after witnessing the president's bombastic return to his rally base in Florida and questions whether Joe Biden could ever command the loyalty of the MAGA faithful.

Elsewhere in this extended Episode 12, Daniel Hewitt speaks to ITV's Senior International Correspondent John Irvine to find out what he learned travelling down the Mississippi talking to American conservatives in the heart of the nation. Are they still with Trump or has the tide turned?

Laura Schwartz explains why the movement of Trump's campaign funds shows exactly why he's been forced to fight a battle on home turf, before Fred Dimbleby analyses the effectiveness of a social media crackdown on the campaigns and the team ponder how past presidents would have handled the Trump-dominated world of Twitter.