Will Trump Win? / 13. How will Trump handle being muted on TV? (with debate moderating supremo Julie Etchingham)

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Episode notes

"It's going to be a metaphor for Trump's America ... the rest of the world is going to be asking: can you mute America?"

Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz join Daniel Hewitt in Episode 13 in looking ahead ahead to the second but also last presidential TV showdown of this race, which has been adapted to deter candidate interruptions.

Special guest Julie Etchingham, ITV News's debate moderating star, also shares her professional insights into the challenges awaiting NBC News's Kristen Welker in Nashville, Tennessee, along with a few anecdotes of her own battles to engage Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson in meaningful democratic discourse in the UK's first head-to-head TV clash.

Elsewhere, Robert explains why half of America has become obsessed with the claimed contents of Joe Biden's son's hard-drive - while the other half is totally ignoring purported 'fake news' - before Laura shares her own recent obsession: Robert's memorable Hollywood cameo appearance.