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The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP13: Can Jack keep his 7-Dayer Quiz Crown?

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Episode notes

The Boar Sport's 7-Dayer Football Podcast returns (more than seven days later, expectedly) as Podcast Host and Quiz Master, Toby Farmer, has constructed another devilish quiz for the boys to tackle. This time, it's all 2021/22-themed - how well do Sam, Mitchell, and Jack know the past season? Can Jack hold onto his crown? Will Mitchell lose again? Could Sam be the unlikely hero? Tune into this latest instalment to find out the answer to all of these questions, and to hear some rather spectacular sound effects from Toby.

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Produced by @MitchRyan2572.

With thanks to: Toby Farmer, Jack McRae, Mitchell Ryan, and Sam Matthews Boehmer.