Meanwhile On Our Plane / Joel Goldes (Come From Away Dialect Coach)

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Episode notes

Welcome to episode 16.

In this episode I’m chatting with Joel Goldes who is the accent coach for Come From Away. Joel has an extensive career as an accent coach and has worked on various working with  tv shows and movies including working with Will and Jaden Smith on the sci fi feature After Earth and working with Ricky Martin on his Spanish accent in Netflix’s Jingle Jangle. 

We talk about his career as an accent coach as well as about all things Come From Away. 


You can visit Joels website and you can follow him on twitter @coachthedialect or on Instagram 



For more information about the Australian cast and to book tickets for the show starting in Melbourne on 18th of January visit the website.



For more information about the announcement about our UK cast follow @comefromawayuk on social media. And of course I’ll be talking all about it in next weeks episode.


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You can find Lisa Humbers new song Boxing Day here.


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Laura :)