Meanwhile On Our Plane / Lisa Humber (Stage Manager Come From Away Toronto)

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Episode notes

My guest this week is Lisa Humber who is currently a stage manager of the Come From Away Toronto production. We chat about how she became a stage manager and of course all about her experiences on Come From Away.  You can follow Lisa on Twitter or Instagram @lisahumber Lisa is also the co host of talk show Check In From Away a bit weekly show that is all about all things Mirvish productions and come from away. You can find the show Here   and you can find out more on Twitter or Instagram @checkaway      You can find the 3rd episode of the North American tour casts video series  Conversations from away Here   For more information on the charity gala Petrina Bromley is taking part in on the 28th November  visit or @mc_charitygala on Twitter.    And you can find out more information about Charlie Kristensen @charliekristens on Twitter and download the single here Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #cheerupcharlie      Hope you enjoy the episode as always let me know your thoughts @cfa_musical on Instagram or Twitter  or email [email protected]    Laura