Meanwhile On Our Plane / Jenna Boyd. Beulah and others Come From Away London Cast

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Episode notes

In this episode I’m chatting with Jenna Boyd who is currently in the London production of Come From Away playing Beulah and others. 

You can follow Jenna on Instagram or Twitter @jennaboyduk

You can find the playbill article with some new information and pictures from the Come From Away pro shoot due out on Apple TV on September 10th



For more information on the performers that are stranded in Sydney due to lockdown and to sign the petition click here


As always you can keep up with the latest Come From Away news at the shows official Channels @comefromawayuk @comefromawayto @comefromawayau and @wecomefromaway 

I hope you enjoy the episode. As always let me know your thoughts @cfa_musical on Twitter and Instagram