#NotAboutUpod with Jamal, Marianne and Cousin Todd / 048 - Part 2 - the return of Kate Carlsen Carlson

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Today's Guest: Kate Carlsen Carlson


  1. Mass Shootings In America: A Cry For Help?
    1. Virginia Beach shooting.
      1. 9 shot and 2 dead, including alleged suspect, in Virginia Beach shooting
    2. Boulder, Colorado shooting at a supermarket.
      1. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been charged with 10 counts of murder in the deadly shooting.
    3. Atlanta spa shooting.
  2. Buffalo Morning Show DJ Fired After Comparing Black Women's Skin Tones to Toast
    1. The DJ, Rob Lederman, has been terminated following comments he made discussing how dark the skin of a woman could be for him to be attracted to her.
    2. Lederman said, "I will never go to a Serena Williams level, but I am very comfortable with on a Halle Berry level." He went on to use an outdated and offensive racial term.
  3. Amazon drivers say they had to poop in bags and struggled to change menstrual pads in addition to peeing in bottles
    1. Amazon delivery drivers say peeing in bottles and pooping in bags is common on the job.
    2. The company's time constraints can make it hard to find time to use the bathroom, drivers say.
    3. Amazon denied the "peeing in bottles thing" in a tweet this week.
    4. One driver told Insider that in addition to peeing in bottles, they regularly had to poop in bags because of the demands of the job. A second driver said they were aware of two incidents of bags of poop discovered in delivery vans.
    5. Another said they struggled to change menstrual products while working. A total of eight current and former drivers told Insider this week that peeing in bottles was a common part of delivering Amazon packages
  4. Jessica Walter Passes Away at 80
    1. Known for her roles on "Arrested Development", "Archer".
  5. Yaphet Kotto Passes Away
    1. 1939-2021
    2. Bond villain in “Live and Let Die” “Homicide: Live On The Streets”, “Alien”.