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Steve D. Sims is called "Real life Wizard of Oz," that's because he gets things done. I recommend his book "Bluefishing" if you haven't read it. But like most successful and interesting people, he's checked the box with Bluefishing, and he's moved on to new things. 


Steve was known as the guy that could get anything done creating incredible experiences for people. But as you know, to get anything good done, you need other people, and you need to convince them to do those things. That's what Steve talks about. Essentially, it's branding, it's marketing, and its relationships. 


We cover a lot of things in this conversation including the true importance (from a practical and a moral standpoint) of just being yourself, some great networking tips, and some practical personal branding and sales tactics. Steve says, "anyone that did anything fantastical, didn't do it by copying everyone else."



to Jeffrey Madoff for the introduction, check out his book "Creative Careers"

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