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Season 2 Episode 6: Meggie Palmer – PepTalkHer  

For the final episode of 37 Degrees Latitude Season 2, Meggie Palmer is on a mission: fixing the gender pay gap by empowering women with the technology they need to fight for the pay they deserve. A journalist by background, Meggie came upon the idea for PepTalkHer when she experienced her own inequality at work. 

Meggie realized women aren’t taught the skills to negotiate and position for a promotion. Living by the wise words, “leap and the net will appear,” Meggie moved to the United States and started working on her idea: a platform to help women track their success and understand the value they bring to their company.  

U.S. Consul General Mike Kleine hosts Meggie to discuss her U.S. success story, the importance of getting comfortable having uncomfortable conversations about money, and moving the needle on a global issue. 

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In this podcast, U.S. Consul General to Melbourne Michael Kleine meets the Australian founders and entrepreneurs who cut a path between 37˚ N & S and found capital, partners, markets, and success in the United States. 

Mike Kleine is a career diplomat for the U.S. Department of State Officer who is currently the U.S. Consul General to Melbourne. As a former founder turned diplomat, he has a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, a fascination with innovation, and a passion for the U.S-Australia relationship.

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