The Motivation Show / World's Greatest Daredevil - NIK WALLENDA

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Episode notes

Nik Wallenda, the world's greatest tightrope walking daredevil, has 11 Guinness World Records & a resume of accomplishing never before seen death defying feats. He has written his name in history as truly the “King of the High Wire”. He has performed live in every state in the USA & all over the world. He has garnered the support from tens of millions of live viewers in network television specials on ABC, The Discovery Channel & others. From crossing the Grand Canyon & Niagara Falls to walking blindfolded between two towers in Chicago, he personifies the Wallenda Family legacy of “Never Giving Up” & has time and time again proven that “Fear is a Liar”. That has led him to writing the book: Facing Fear: Step Out in Faith & Rise Above What’s Holding You Back.  In this episode you will learn: Why fear is not justified. How you can overcome your fears. How anyone can be the best in whatever they do.

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