The Motivation Show / THE DOCTOR BROAD - Dr. to a Notorious Crime Boss

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Episode notes

in the early 1980's, Dr. Barbara H. Roberts became the physician to the notorious Crime Boss Raymond Patriarca who ran the New England Mafia for decades. She also became the Mistress of another Mafioso. You are about to hear a one-of-a-kind exclusive true story of controversy, heartbreak, political activism & ultimately…survival.  She is known as The Doctor Broad, which is also the title of her book which gives you play-by-play details of her fateful journey in the inner circle of mafia life. 

In this episode, we take you through her early years growing up as a devout Catholic virgin who was the valedictorian of her high school class and wanted to be a nun. It was then a frigid day in Dec. 1980 when she made the fateful decision to be the physician of the mob boss & saved his life.  Learn what made her decide to take on this challenge knowing full well that there would be consequences by her mere association with a crime boss.

How did she save Raymond Patriarca’s life and how did he show his gratitude? Did she believe she was placed in this position as physician to a mob boss so she could learn some important life lessons that she can now share with our listeners?

Why was she labeled The Doctor Broad, who labeled her and how accurate or inaccurate was that label back? Rest assured, you will be riveted to every detail of this real life mafioso inner circle story!

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