The Motivation Show / DETOX Your MIND for Clearer Thinking/Deeper Relationships/Lasting Happiness

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Dr, David Perlmutter is best known for his #1 NY Times bestseller GRAIN BRAIN. He has written 7 other books including his latest Brain Wash, which shows you how to DETOX your Mind for CLEARER Thinking, DEEPER Relationships & lasting HAPPINESS. 

Dr. Perlmutter explains in Brain Wash, that most of us have endless temptations. We can eat whatever we want, whenever we want. We can get absorbed in digital & social media all day long. We can buy things around the clock by touching a button or with a voice demand.   How does modern culture, with all of these endless enticements, threaten to rewire our brains & damage our health? Our brains are being gravely manipulated that lead to behaviors that leave us more lonely, anxious, depressed, illness prone, distrustful, overweight, etc. Dr. Perlmutter calls it a "mental hijacking." We get so frustrated, we just deal with it all, remain dissatisfied & just try to get through the day despite our suffering. Genuine joy remains elusive. The problems of the modern world feel more inescapable & crushing with each passing day. We know junk food is bad for us, yet we eat it all the time. We are being programmed to ingest these poisons.  In our attempts to cope we turn to instant gratification.

Is there a way out of this abyss? There sure is! In this interview, Dr. Perlmutter reveals the mental hijacking that undermines us in our search for joy & meaning & help us "break the spell" and gives us the tools, through his ten-day Brain Wash Program, that we need to not only heal but be abundant and flourish.



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