The Motivation Show / ZIG ZIGLAR - An interview with Ziglar Inc. CEO Tom Ziglar

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Episode notes

Tom Ziglar is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Conference Speaker & the CEO of Ziglar Inc.  His father was the incomparable Zig Ziglar, who was synonymous with motivation & self-improvement. Zig's messages of motivation and inspiration touched the lives of over 250 million people worldwide, & he will forever be remembered as a legend in Self Help.  Many of today's biggest names in Business, Finance, Marketing & Self-Improvement credit Zig for their success.

In this exclusive interview that will change how you view success, we discuss:

-What was it like growing up with Zig Ziglar as a father. How did his legendary status impact Tom growing up?  

-Why did Tom choose to carry on your father’s legacy? Was there ever a doubt in his mind that he would?

-What made Zig unlike any other speaker in the world?

-How is business going through a huge change right now. and how does leadership and mindset play a factor in business success? 

-Some of the 8 Things in Life that Everyone Wants.

-Zig Ziglar's most famous quotes

-What is Stuffitis?

-7 categories that Life Falls Into & Which ones do you work on Every Day

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