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#048: Don’t believe everything you read

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Episode notes

Buongiorno you lovely people! Yes, it’s episode 49 of Blind Guys Chat - nearly time to buy a Ferrari and have an affair!   First of all, we have amazing news: Blind Guys Chat has been nominated in the best entertainment category in the The Irish Podcast Awards 2022. There is also a listeners choice for “best podcast of the year” – so you, our dear listeners, have the chance to vote for Blind Guys Chat.   Here’s how to vote for us (They don’t make it easy): ·        Go to   ·        Search for Blind Guys Chat, and select it ·        Enter your name and email address ·        Tick the ”I’m not a robot” thing, and the “I  understand that Podcast Awards Ltd stores my information” thing too ·        Then hit submit. No, you’re not finished yet! ·        You’ll need to click the link in the email verification they send to your email – otherwise your vote won’t count - sheesh!   You’ve got till Sunday 11th September 2022 at 23:59. There’s only one vote per email address, so use all your addresses and please send this on to all your lovers – that’s the only way we’ll have a hope in hell of winning this thing! Each time you vote, 3 treats go to both Larry and Sjef, so you’re not just voting for BGC but you are also keeping our 2 guide dogs alive.   So what’s on this week’s show?   We have a magnificent show -  we kick off with the latest weather news, IT’S HOT BABY!!!! Jan is up there in The Netherlands trying to make snowballs in 40 degree heat while Stuart and Óran are looking for a Tangle Twister ice lolly. Turns out Sjef and Larry have bought them all.   Stuart has ditched Netflix and the cast of Eastenders are with him on this one.   Philippa Campsie is our guest this week. Philippa recently wrote a paper on Charles Barbier de la Serre who was the man who invented Braille. Yes folks, we said he invented Braille, not Mr Louis Braille! It is worth a listen as Philippa tells a great and comprehensive story.   Are you familiar with ‘Remote Incident Manager’? Well they have recently redesigned their interface and now you can use it to remote into a PC even if that PC does not have a screen reader installed. This is great news, and Stuart has more info. is where you can download this application. Let us know what you think.   Michelle in makeup has been telling secrets to Clodagh, Stuart ain’t to happy about that. But he can’t do nothin’. Could it be that someone’s having an affair? Neither Clodagh nor Michelle will say. Changing the subject swiftly, Clodagh has an audio message from Derry Lawlor and emails from Saleem and Blind Gordon, and we even learn some Scottish, but Clodagh’s accent is rather lacking.   So, with all that in this week’s show folks we think you need to stop your hot-desking, forget about those deadlines, run as far away from work as you can, hit your local coffee shop for a hot chocolate or cold gelato or warm beer, scoot the pigeons away from your favourite park bench, connect your Bluetooth speaker and crank up the volume for the Best Podcast this side of the Dead Sea: Blind Guys Chat. (Don’t forget your chance to make that official -     Don’t forget: •       Please rate and review us on your chosen podcasting platform. •       We'd love to know what you'd like us to talk about in upcoming shows; send us your suggestions by email: [email protected] •       Don't forget you can send us your Blindie Tips and other thoughts by email also on [email protected] •       If you’d like to support the podcast, you can treat the Blind Guys to a coffee by clicking the link below.

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