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#045: Has Jan been fired??!

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Episode notes

Hello dear listeners; and here we go with another fantastic podcast from Blind Guys Chat.

Well, one member of our team is missing this week. It looks like Jan has absconded to the pub so he can watch the Monaco Grand Prix highlights because he can’t believe the result. So, what to do…? Luckily Clodagh doesn’t need to go to makeup, but the same can’t be said about Stuart! So Clodagh kindly agreed to learn the Dutch way of life so she could fill in for Jan for the entire show. Let’s hope she doesn’t need as many holidays as the Dutch man.

We kick off the show by asking Clodagh one of the most important questions that Blind Guys Chat ever ask, what was the weather like today?

Stuart has news on the up coming international conference on English Braille, starting on Sunday 5 June. If you would like to attend, visit to find out more.

Our guest this week is Siobhán Long from Enable Ireland. Siobhán does a phenomenal amount of work for people with disabilities including the development of an assistive technology passport and also the assistive technology loan bank. She also talks to us about Enable Ireland’s relationship with Microsoft and her upcoming presentation at ICCHP-AAATE in July.

In TV corner we are talking about ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and Stuart poses the question, why doesn’t content on Netflix have audio description given the same content has AD on other channels?

In our emails section, Derry Lawlor has ordered his Svárovský cane and Amy wants to know what music the Blind Guys like.

So, saddle up your horse, pull up your britches, fill your canteen with Irish coffee and let’s form a posse in search for Jan Bloem.

Blind Guys Chat - 5 out of 17 Navajo Indians prefer it to whiskey.

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