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#051: Put a Spring in your step and feel the music

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Episode notes

Have you cast your vote for Blind Guys Chat as the listeners choice for “best podcast of the year”? No? Well, here’s how to vote for us (they don’t make it easy):

·       Go to ·       Search for Blind Guys Chat, and select it ·       Enter your name and email address ·       Tick the “I’m not a robot” thing, and the “I understand that Podcast Awards Ltd stores my information” thing too ·       Then hit submit. No, you’re not finished yet! ·       You’ll need to click the link in the email verification they send to your email – otherwise your vote won’t count - sheesh!   You’ve got till Sunday 11th September 2022 at 23:59. There’s only one vote per email address, so use all your addresses and please send this on to all your lovers – that’s the only way we’ll have a hope in hell of winning this thing! Each time you vote, 3 treats go to both Larry and Sjef, so you’re not just voting for BGC, but you are also keeping our 2 guide dogs alive. Thank you!   We begin the show this week listening to Jan pontificating about the wonders of his latest holiday. Yes, he schlepped up to one of his islands in the Netherlands to meet the peasants who work his land and give them a well-deserved bonus. Let’s hope a kiwi can be shared 11 ways!   Stuart has borrowed / stolen his neighbours SkyGo account so he can watch Sky on his Apple TV. But is he happy with the result?   We speak to the lovely Rachel Hurrell in Plymouth, who is doing her PhD in music and she needs your help. Rachel is researching how best to help blind and partially sighted musicians perform within a group like an orchestra, and also how to stop Stuart composing show tunes. Rachel’s survey can be found here: Go on, get involved, it’ll be gas craic! (Americans, please see this link to understand that we’re not talking about drugs!)   Clodagh is here with emails and this week we have an audio demo from Blind Gordon on how to use the Spring twitter client. He is brilliant and a special thanks to Missus Blind Gordon for letting her hubby come out to play.   So, soak up the last few rays of sunshine, tell the kids outside to stop shouting, stick on a pot of coffee and settle down to listen to the only podcast Amazon Music can’t afford to buy: Blind Guys Chat   Don’t forget: •       Please rate and review us on your chosen podcasting platform. •       We'd love to know what you'd like us to talk about in upcoming shows; send us your suggestions by email: [email protected] •       Don't forget you can send us your Blindie Tips and other thoughts by email also on [email protected] •       If you’d like to support the podcast, you can treat the Blind Guys to a coffee by clicking the link below.

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