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#048: Jan is so kissable

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Episode notes

Hello you gorgeous Blind Guys Chat fans! welcome to another eye watering edition of the show. We start this week with a gripe from Óran. Well - who else?! Just before recording he was out spending money on a new yacht, and when presented with the card machine found he could not enter the pin number because it had a touchscreen. Have you ever experienced this issue? How are these device designers allowed to get away with not making a payment system accessible? We discuss.

We keep the whinge-fest going with another issue - poor Stuart has been feeling unwell and needed to do an antigen test. But he has let all his staff in the penthouse go on holidays at the same time and ended up having to ask some innocent bystander on the road to read his test for him, let’s hope he inserted the stick up the right hole. But this leaves us with the question, why aren’t these tests accessible or why isn’t there assistance for people who are blind when they need to use tests like this?

Jan is concerned that his hair is going to go all frizzy as the weather in the Netherlands is heading for 40 degrees Celsius. Óran is jealous!

Our guest this week is Joshua Howell from Texas A & M. Josh is here to tell us about a research project he is doing related to making mathematics more accessible to people with low vision. He is looking for victims, ahem, I mean volunteers to help him with his project. So, if you live in Texas why not get in contact with Josh? The Blind Guys are exempt because they can’t count past… well, they just can’t count.

Óran is back with yet another gripe. This time it’s about Twitter for iPhone. For some strange reason the notifications are not displaying correctly, and we have conducted thorough research to prove this is not just Óran’s issue (he asked Stuart to try it out before publishing this podcast – see? he’s a researcher too!)

In TV Corner, Stuart is talking about ‘The Undeclared War’ on Channel 4 and All 4, and ‘Bodies’ which is on Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, Óran gives a “spot the difference” challenge for Stuart. Did he get the answer correct? Listen to find out.

Clodagh is here with your emails and our dear friend from Cape Town, Gary Hough-like-cough is having trouble with his roof, and quite possibly his pool-house.

So, dump all those other podcasts that are cluttering up your phone; throw caution to the wind and cycle backwards past the Arc de Triomph while listening to the number 1 podcast this side of the dark side of the moon: Blind Guys Chat.

Even the James Webb Telescope can’t see this one coming!

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