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#044: Germany nul points

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Episode notes

Yay - it’s time to hear from your favourite podcasters again!  This week the Blind Guys welcome back Kevin Sherwin who is going to share his views on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Turin, Italy. Did he want Ukraine to win? Was he impressed with the set? Does he think Santa should be allowed take part in the event? Does he know how they get the figs into the Fig Rolls...?

The Blind Guys are all just back from holiday On Jupiter, it was gas...   In TV corner, Stuart is looking forward to “Conversations with Friends” which starts on RTÉ tonight (May 18) while Óran is talking about the last series of “Ozark”.   Clodagh has an email from Derry Lawlor who is asking about different cane manufacturers.  The guys use but Clodagh has a list of others which are available from Amazon such as; Visionu, No Jab and Timishon. She says it’s a good option if you already know what length cane you need.   Also, Dave Nason tells us he thinks there is something fishy about the music on the new Bord Bia commercial.   So, strip down to your bathing togs, forget about cutting the grass for now and instead chill out and listen to the Turkish Delight of podcasts: Blind Guys Chat – the only podcast worth getting sunburnt for. (Ed – other chocolate bars are available.)   Don’t forget: • Please rate and review us on your chosen podcasting platform. • We'd love to know what you'd like us to talk about in upcoming shows; send us your suggestions by email: [email protected] • Don't forget you can send us your Blindie Tips and other thoughts by email also on [email protected] • If you’d like to support the podcast, you can treat the Blind Guys to a coffee by clicking the link below.

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