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#046 The Return of the Wanderer

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Episode notes

It's time for another mighty episode of Blind Guys Chat and thanks to the posse, we eventually found Jan hiding behind the couch. Phew!

However, we have a small issue in that our guest this week, Saleem Ur Rahman, seems to have taken over Jan's desk, so Jan will just have to remain standing for the moment. Saleem is here to tell us all about this years WWDC conference and in particular what is coming up in IOS 16 for iPhone. But wanting to provide an unbiased and balanced discussion about new updates, we spend about 20 seconds talking about Android 13 which has a new Braille upgrade. (Clodagh rolls her eyes hard!)

Stuart gives Óran and Jan a report on the International Council on English Braille event that has just finished and also some news on Sight Village. And of course we talk about the weather.

Clodagh is here with emails and we are asked the question, what is audio described theater and what difference does it make?

So, tell your boss you are calling it a day, head over to your favourite gelato shop, order yourself a couple of scoops of pistachio, and plug in to listen to the number one podcast in the world, Blind Guys Chat! 5 out of 22 jellyfish prefer it to stinging people on the foot.