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Web3: All you need to know with Catty Berragan

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Episode notes

If you don't know what web3 is, how to invest in NFT's or what the creator economy may become - This one's for you because as marketers, you don't need reminding of the rapidly changing social landscape.

So this week, joining Alex and Joe is Catty Berragan, the Creative Director at thirdweb, a company that makes creating Web3 apps, easy.

With Web3 still being a hypothetical and futuristic projection of what the internet may become - why is it so important that marketers understand what might happen to the internet in years to come?

Catty, an early adopter in crypto and NFTs, provides clear and digestible explainers about what web3 is, how it will create more creators and how to invest in NFTs that will hold value.

Follow Catty on Twitter @cathaluk and for Campfire, it's @campfireagency_.