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91. Joel Hoekstra - Whitesnake

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Episode notes

Today Paul speaks with the incredibly talented guitarist, Joel Hoekstra, known for his work with bands like Whitesnake and Night Ranger.

Joel shares his experiences from last year's "Farewell" Whitesnake tour, how he landed the gig with Whitesnake and what it is really like working closely with the iconic frontman, David Coverdale.

We also explore the pivotal role played by Survivor's Jim Peterik in Joel's breakthrough, and the incredible opportunities that followed. From his time with Night Ranger to filling in at the last minute for Foreigner, Joel's versatility as a guitarist shines through as he shares the challenges and rewards of these experiences.

But that's not all! Joel takes us on a journey through his solo projects, including his latest record with Joel Hoekstra's 13, where he discusses the creative process and collaborations that shaped the album. We also touch upon his recent work with Revolution Saints, showcasing the unique elements that make this project stand out.

Tune in to VRP Rocks as we celebrate the brilliant Joel Hoekstra, a true rock maestro whose talent and passion continue to shape the landscape of rock music today.

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