Stealing Victory

EP1 - Eight Bloody Screws

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Episode notes

On a quiet Sunday morning in March 1966 the World Cup trophy was locked in an exhibition hall in central London. 

Shortly before midday, security guard John McLaren's went to check on the cup, "and there it was… nothing… just the plinth. Quite a shocker".

In Episode 1 of Stealing Victory, John speaks publicly for the first time about what happened on the day of the theft.

It was one of the most infamous heists of the 20th century and it came just a few months before the Queen was due to award the trophy to the World Cup winners.

The thief was never identified but in 2017 Tom Pettifor, Crime Editor of the Daily Mirror, received a tip off from an underworld source.

This series follows Tom's investigation into that tip off, delving into the seedy world of 1960s gangland London, police corruption and the secret making of a fake trophy. It tells us something about the stories we tell and those we choose to forget.

And it's the search for an incredibly elusive man with an unforgettable head of hair. 

Auddy presents Stealing Victory - an original production

Investigating reporter and presenter, Tom Pettifor
Theme Music by Nick Reynolds and Edward Rose
Titlel music by Guy Farley
Series Producer, Zak Brophy
Sound Designer, Norman Goodman
Executive Editor, Owen Bennett-Jones
Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson

Special thanks to the Daily Mirror, London.