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Perseids Meteor Shower & September Update

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Episode notes

On September’s Kielder Observatory Podcast Ian Brannan is joined by Director of Astronomy at Kielder Dan Pye, and one of our newest astronomers Finn Burridge. This month we explore how a visit to Kielder Observatory is more than peering into the night sky, it’s a full education on our place in the universe, and we hear from some recent guests about the things they’ve learned which have boggled their mind..! We also look ahead to the major astronomical events taking place through the course of September, as we approach the equinox and our days are filled with more dark than light. And how if you’re very lucky, you could see our Solar System’s furthest planet Neptune. Plus Dan Pye give us his “Pye in the Sky” challenge from the month, can you spot the constellation for September?! All this and much more, listen now and don’t forget to like and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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