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116: Stroke of Luck with Andy Dobinson

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Episode notes

He says he’s just a bloke that runs ultra-trail marathons in his spare time…16 now!!

He lives just outside of Glasgow with his awesome wife Nikki who has been and is his total rock. 

He’s 48 years young and passionate about running, cycling and all things motorsport and if he’s not in trainers, he’s on a bike or driving a car. 

‘Anxiously chilled out’ describes his approach to stuff now after suffering a catastrophic stroke, out of the blue, in February of 2017 at 42, that changed his life and set him on a new and exciting path and adventure.  

He thinks the words loyal, considerate, challenging and inappropriately dark humoured would best describe him.


Some key points from our interview:

·       How he thinks the word unbroken means acceptance of who and what he is

·       How at forty-two years old he suffered a cryptogenic stroke despite being obsessed with cycling and training

·       How he wasn’t sure it was a stroke when it happened, but his wife had read about FAST (face, arms, speech and time) acronym and knew it was worse than just an ear infection, which is what he thought he had

·       How he didn’t want to make a fuss and call an ambulance, even though he was aware that he couldn’t stand or speak properly 

·       How he found himself in dark spaces emotionally

·       How he believes his stubbornness helped him to recover physically and emotionally

·       How he made a choice of who he was now going to become because of his stroke

·       How he believes that his stroke was the best thing that ever happened to him as it softened him

·       How he accepts and loves who he is now and feels he’s a more compassionate version of himself  

Reach Out to Andy here: 

Instagram - andyd2574_stroke_of_luck


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