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Mairead meets Anna Geary and Orla Walsh

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Episode notes

In this special bonus episode to kick off 2022 Mairead speaks to Orla Walsh, Dietician and Anna Geary, Performance Coach, Personal Trainer and TV personality about a healthy way to approach making positive changes for yourself for the New Year. The guests talk about the importance of feeling good, healthy, happy and content with yourself, especially when it comes to dating, looking for and finding love. Orla busts common myths around detoxes, supplements and fast weight loss plans – she also shares her view on getting health and nutrition advice from unqualified influencers and gives practical advice on breaking habits or making new ones. Anna shares advice on getting and staying motivated, how little steps can still be impactful in a big way and how being mindful of how busy we say we are can help change our mindset.  She also gives her view on the ‘strong not skinny’ movement and shares her thoughts and advice on self-care and goal setting. If you feel happy & positive about yourself physically & mentally you are likely to seem more attractive, feel more attractive, confident on dates, being intimate and having great sex, whether you are new to dating, have just struggled to meet someone or are starting fresh after a divorce or long-term relationship there are lots of positive, practical and helpful takeaways in this episode.