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Mairead meets Aidan O'Brien

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Episode notes

In this episode Mairead speaks to Aidan O’Brien, the Transformation Specialist about how to change your mindset and create a successful outcome in love and life. He describes how powerful we can be in changing our lives if we really want to. He talks about using the law of attraction effectively and how you can have impact on the personal, professional and romantic aspects of your own life. Aidan also shares tips on how best to behave on a first date, the importance of a man being a man, how we can all fall into the trap of standing in our own way and controversially how we absolutely do need that uber specific check-list when looking for the one! He talks about how past pain and anxieties are not a bad thing, but a necessary form of protection that can help us move into our future with success when identified and acknowledged properly and how real clarity, honesty and authenticity are essential factors in getting the life and love you want and deserve. Aidan works as a coach, mentor and International speaker and you can find Aidan and details of his course on instagram @aidanobrienofficial and online on his website. https://theaidanobrien.com/