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Rishi Sunak: How to fail in politics and keeping your mental health in check

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Episode notes

Welcome back to Jimmy's Jobs of the Future. 

It's great to say we are now starting our fourth series. The aim of this podcast is to ask people who are at the forefront of our economy about their jobs and what the future of their industry will look like.

Some of the topics and sectors we explore can be complex, but we try to ask the obvious questions of the brightest minds as that can lead to the most revealing answers.

And in this series, we are kicking off with one of the biggest jobs of them all, Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

We've all seen Rishi Sunak on the TV, holding up the red box on budget day. But what actually does it involve? What do the civil servants in the treasury do? And what is the aim behind the government's new economic compass in Darlington? And in a world of so much information, what sources does the Chancellor use to keep on top of developments in the modern economy?

We recorded this episode in the Locomotion train museum in the Northeast of England. A dramatic backdrop near the government's new economic campus in Darlington. We filmed the episode and you can watch it and get the transcript on our website at www.jobsofthefuture.co and you can subscribe to our new YouTube channel @jimmy'sjobs. And you can follow me on Twitter @jimmym.

We recorded this episode in the Locomotion train museum in Darlington, before the severity of Omnicrom became real, a dramatic backdrop near the new treasury campus in the North West. 

We discuss with Rishi:

  • How Stanford formed his worldview
  • What is the job of the Chancellor of the Exchequer? And how does the treasury work?
  • Why have they set up their new campus in Darlington?
  • How he encourages a culture of failure
  • How we can get more capital into people's hands
  • Which policies are working best and how he's introducing business practices like A/B testing into government
  • How he's using data in government
  • Where the opportunities are for the UK economy and where the jobs of the future are coming from?
  • How the UK can take advantage of the creator economy
  • Where are there regulatory opportunities from Brexit?
  • How we can encourage healthy business culture and how the government can help with that
  • How businesses can put themselves out there
  • If Rishi was 22 in 2022, where. would he start his career?
  • What sources of information does he read? (amazing answer)
  • What are his New Year's resolutions and how does he look after his mental health?
  • How has this job changed him in two years? (more grey hairs!)
  • What's his top parenting advice?  (be nice to your parents and read your daughter's this book)
  • Some amusing quick-fire questions e.g. Bored Apes or CryptoPunks? Red or Brown sauce? His first-ever job? Favourite biscuit?