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Andrew Bailey: How to govern the Bank of England and the future of cryptocurrency

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Episode notes

For our third series, we launched with Ben Francis of Gymshark. For our 4th series, we launched with Rishi Sunak. 

In this special launch episode of our 5th series, we are speaking to none other than Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England. 

But what does the Bank actually do? How do the 4,500 people employed there combine to control an entire economy? And how does a 340-year-old institution adapt to new technologies like cryptocurrency? 

This is the first episode in our 5th series and we couldn’t be starting it off with a bigger guest. In his first podcast since 2020, this episode touches on everything from Russian sanctions to cryptocurrency and where the economy is growing fastest. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is the Bank of England actually in charge of? 
  • What roles is the Bank recruiting for and how has that changed over the years?
  • How to make the Bank appeal to a new generation.
  • The work on diversity and inclusion by the bank- and why they are working to establish a larger presence outside of London to achieve this.
  • What does levelling up mean for the Bank of England?
  • Has COVID really accelerated the decline in use of cash?
  • How to create a culture in an organisation that has existed for 300 years
  • Will there be a female governor soon?
  • Jobs of the future- which jobs are going to be most in demand?
  • The future of work and the 4-day week- how the Bank is moving to flexible working itself.
  • The economic impact of flexible working. 
  • Cryptocurrency and its impact on the UK economy.
  • What innovations excite him most?
  • Will we ever see a cashless society?

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