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Ep136. How a music genre became an animal rights movement, with MOBY

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Episode notes

In part 1 of today’s episode, we discuss the fact that Vegan Runners is now Parkrun’s biggest club – and share how you can help keep them at the top spot.

We also discuss stand up desks, vegan seafood alternatives, losing our cooking mojo and how to make a lasagne in a pan to save on washing up.  

But part 2 is the main event, when we chat to musician, DJ, producer and director –Moby. We talk about his new film, The Punk Rock Vegan Movie, which covers the history of punk rock and its roots in politics, animal rights and activism. Moby explains why he went vegan in the 80s, back when no one even knew how to pronounce the word, and why it's so much more than just rebelling against the system. 

We also discuss why veganism is not a belief but something that's based on science and fact and how we can adapt our behaviours to encourage others to go vegan, too. 

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