Curveball / Bold blend — How Justin Dry lost the lot and came back full bodied

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Episode notes

Justin Dry lost his house not once, but twice, before he learned to trust his gut. 

With each loss, the robust Vinomofo founder has picked himself up off the cellar floor and come at it again from a new angle. 

Dry has aged wisely. He’s grown from the classic idea-machine entrepreneur, through record funding rounds and tough decisions, to responding to crises with exactly the right kind of genius to pull his premium wine delivery business through. 

Now that VinoMofo’s matured through “the difficult teenage years”, Dry’s full of ideas for the future. His new role as Chief Entrepreneur is perfectly paired with his enterprising spirit. 

So what’s next for the irreverent wine boss? And what can he teach you about come-backs after setbacks? 


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