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Ep.10 Let's Talk About Sex Baby...or Lack of! Plus Misdiagnosis and Community.

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Episode notes

Hey lovely Foggers and Fogglets,

Here we are again with another WHOAH episode. We've always vowed there's nothing we would shy away from talking about and we listen carefully to our lovely community. You lead the conversation here at WTF and you've been telling us that physical intimacy...SEX in other words, is something that can be a HUGE challenge when we hit meno. Not just because of the physical, biological changes we experience but because of the emotional stuff too.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, there are things in the personal experiences we're sharing this episode that we're sure will resonate with you and help you.

We're also talking about misdiagnosis, trusting medical professionals and listening to our bodies and intuition when it comes to deciding on the right path, treatment and direction for us. Every one of us has a different meno experience and everyone in our community is at a different stage, facing different challenges. It's only by bravely sharing, starting and joining in  conversations that we gather enough strength and enough experience to make a difference so LET'S DO IT LADIES! We're in this together and we'll come out the other side together too!

As usual, we're also sharing our FOG MOMENTS, saying massive THANK YOU's to those of you who have supported us via 'BUY ME A COFFEE' and finishing off with some positivity and a few giggles.

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Until next time lovelies, you know it....STAY SANE, DON'T LOSE IT!

Huge love,

Michele and Lou x

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