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4: With ...Ayesha Hazarika MBE

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Episode notes

Lou and Sally-Anne are here again and this week's guest journalist, Ayesha Hazarika is still in festive mode, opting for a tasting session with Bailys Irish Cream, which goes up-against a supermarket's own alternative ... but which one will 'cut the cream'. 

Ayesha also elevates the show to a regal level, as her MBE status means she has some incredible stories about meeting Prince Charles (not a fan of the Labour Party it turns-out) and going hungry in Buckingham Palace. 
She also spills the beans about the drinking culture and plethora of (subsidised) bars within Westminster - one of which proves you should never talk to 'Strangers' ... you'll have to listen to the episode to get that joke, but it's good...it works!