Get Birding / Series 1 - Episode 1

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Mya-Rose Craig talks to BBC nature presenter Chris Packham about the magic of birdwatching, the need for diversity in nature, his Bird To Watch and the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend - the biggest citizen science project in the UK. Nature beatboxer, composer and sound artist Jason Singh - whose work has featured at the BBC Proms, on Countryfile and the V&A - explains how he started mimicking birdsong alongside drum and bass to create beautiful forestry environments with his voice alone.

Find out more about the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch here:

Resources to help, including a printable bird ID guide here

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Discover Jason Singh's music at:

Host: Dr Mya-Rose Craig

Guests: Chris Packham & Jason Singh

Producer: Tom Bonnett

Executive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie Derham

Production Manager: Cara Ghoshal

Production Assistant: Louis Facey

Sponsors: Severn Trent Water & Swarovski Optik

Music from Jason Singh in this episode: Mystery Bird, Afternoon from Tweet Music, Awekids Collective - Sounds from the Grassland Village

Music from Podington Bear ( in this episode: Platformer, Moonrise, Dusk

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