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S2E5: Legal German (w/ Daniel Green)

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Episode notes

How is legal German different from everyday German? What is the difference between ‘Absicht’ and ‘Vorsatz’? And how does language travel through the legal system in Austria?

In this episode I talk to Daniel Green, university assistant and president of the Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics. We talk about what words might have different meanings in a legal context, where the word Fräulein is still in use, and what specific word keeps appearing in suspect statements, even though it's rarely ever actually uttered by the suspect.

Episode transcript:

- On "Schaden": § 1295 ABGB 1) von dem Schaden aus Verschulden; (ABGB - Allgemeines bürgerliches Gesetzbuch):
- On "Herr", "Frau", "Fräulein": § 52 Geo. Verkehr mit Parteien (Geo. - Geschäftsordnung für die Gerichte I. und II. Instanz):
- On "vorsätzlich", "absichtlich", "wissentlich" (Austrian criminal law):
- An explanation of "Vorsatz", "Absicht", "Direkter Vorsatz" and "Eventualvorsatz" (German criminal law):

Guest: Daniel Green
- Website:
- Website of the Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics (AALL):
- Instagram of the AALL: @oegrl 
- Book: "Die Datenschutzerklärung: Compliance in klarer und einfacher Sprache" - available at:

Outro music by Euphoniques. This episode the song is "One Single Lie".

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