This Is My Cinema | The BIFA Podcast / Director Cathy Brady and Actor Nora-Jane Noone

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Episode notes

In this BIFA Podcast episode, writer and director Cathy Brady - winner of the BIFA award for Best Debut Screenwriter for the acclaimed film Wildfire - spoke to actor Nora-Jane Noone, who starred in the film, and worked closely with Cathy and co-star Nika McGuigan in developing the story and characters.

Cathy and Nora Jane look back on their film inspirations (from Stand By Me to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) as well as what their own version of Secret Cinema would be and why they’d put it in the middle of the desert. One particularly poignant moment of the conversation discusses a picture of Nika, Cathy and Nora-Jane together, which we’ve put up on the BIFA social media accounts, so you can see the trio who brought Wildfire to life, together.

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