But Why?


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Episode notes

Clemmie talks to author Bryony Gordon about her recovery journey. In the last year there is rumoured have been 1700% increase in the google search ‘Am I an alcoholic?’

It seems more people are questioning their relationship with alcohol. 

The pair dig into the question ‘But why is the word sober so loaded?’. Share their individual experiences of giving up alcohol and also explain why sobriety feels like such a gift. 

Bryony has written tones of amazing books. But on the theme of this episode, check out ‘Glorious Rock Bottom


‘Me? I Don’t Drink Any More’ - Clemmie wrote a piece for Mother of All Lists when she first gave up drinking. 

Brene Brown on Sobriety

Sober Girls Society Book

Sober Diaries’ by Clare Pooley

Love Yourself Sober by Mandy Manners& Kate Bailey

For Help & Support:

Alcohol Change

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al Anon for Families of Alcoholics


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Shameless plug:

Clemmie’s Debut book “But Why? How to Answer Tricky Questions from Kids by Having Honest Conversation with Yourself’ is available to preorder now. It includes a section on ‘But Why do adults get drunk and what does it mean?”

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