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Limerence- with Dr L

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Episode notes

You fancy someone. You think about them for a bit. Then you think about them even more, and more, and...suddenly, they've taken over your life, they live in your head rent-free. That's limerence. It's a state of extreme romantic infatuation, and can veer wildly between euphoria (when the daydreams are fun, or you're in the early stages of this feeling) to dismay (when you've still not caught the other person's eye and all seems lost.)

In this episode I find out more about it- is it a state of mind, an emotion, a branch of love, or something deeper and darker? To help me in my research I talk to Dr L, a blogger and neuroscientist, all about this phenomenon. He gives his diagnosis on what the feeling truly is, and also suggests some ways you can break the limerence spell if it's a feeling that's taking over your life too.

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