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Episode notes

Welcome to Daisy Is Insatiable! We’re going to be exploring love, lust, life, appetite, identity and everything that makes sex thrilling, fascinating and bewildering. The very first guest is the author and broadcaster Dolly Alderton. Dolly explores themes of love and sex in her gorgeous first novel, Ghosts, picking up on some of the themes and ideas explored in her blockbuster memoir Everything I Know About Love. As an advice columnist for the Sunday Times, Dolly advises the nation on matters of intimacy. This is a conversation about sex and power, sex and exploration, and growing up and gaining a greater understanding of your sexual self. This is an explicit conversation that features adult themes and adult language. If you enjoy this episode, we hope you’ll enjoy Daisy’s novel Insatiable: A Love Story For Greedy Girls, published by Sphere and available from all retailers including Waterstones. https://www.waterstones.com/book/insatiable/daisy-buchanan/9780751582314   

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