EP61: The Stories That Matter!

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Episode notes

Today we are going to be talking about “The Stories That Matter”.

Think about anyone that you consider to be famous. What made you decide how important they were?

Did you read about them?

Are they some movie star?

We’re you introduced to them by someone close to you; maybe a friend or family member?

Now, let’s consider you and your reputation.

Nothing is more important to your success than the stories others believe about your work, along with your personal, and community life.

It is important to think about this.

People are story-driven.

You are

I am

We all are

Pretty much everything we do is somewhat based on a story someone told us or one we have told ourselves.

These stories even create the way we [you and I] see ourselves because it helps define how the world reacts to us.

After reading a few books on the brain, and how it sees, [or better said] how it perceives our view of reality, it is clear, that the brain we use to navigate the world we live in, may just be making some of it up.

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