The '2020 Entrepreneurs Club' / Ep 7 - INCUBATOR SPECIAL Part 2 - Plaace: Snorre Jordheim Myhre and launching PropTech just in time for Covid

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Episode notes

Part 2 of our Incubator Special, and meeting Snorre Jordheim Myhre, CEO & Co-founder of Plaace.

This week sees 2 episodes from 2 European based early stage Incubator success stories. We're delving into this ultra competitive world of entrepreneur match making, idea cultivation and what really happens behind the closed doors of these little mystical success factories.

Snorre takes us through his super interesting back story from running an underground bar fresh out of college, travelling the world, some corporate stuff at Accenture, and then beating over 800 applicants to be one of 20 entrepreneurs chosen to launch a brand in 2020 out of Antler in Oslo . Then that really inconsiderate covid thing, and how they're embracing changes in the market to launch Plaace armed with $1m in seed money.

This will be the best 40 mins you've spent today.