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Plenty of Catfish in the Sea!

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Episode notes

Alex Hobern is joined by Celeb Circle players Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks, to discuss their experience of catfishing both in the Circle and in real life. The boys discuss their experience of playing Rachel Riley, their love of winning and the catfishes in Series 3. They’re joined by social psychologist Aleks Krotoski who gives us insights into the why, how and who of catfishing through the ages. This episode has plenty of very strong language and discussion of adult themes from the start! The Circle is streaming on All 4 now. Dishonest Fun is a Somethin’ Else Production for Channel 4. The Circle Twitter: @C4TheCircle Instagram: @c4thecircle Channel 4 Twitter: @Channel4 Instagram: @Channel4 Alex Hobern Instagram: @alexhobern Twitter: @alexhobern Pete Wicks Instagram: @p_wicks01 Twitter: @p_wicks01 Sam Thompson Instagram: @samthompsonuk Twitter: @samthompsonuk  

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