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Alex Hobern is joined by DJ and presenter Snoochie Shy, season 2 Circler Tim Wilson, and our resident social psychologist Aleks Krotoski to discuss trust. Snoochie talks about how to be trustworthy online, Tim discusses vibe-based trust, and Aleks explains the psychology behind it all.  The Circle is streaming on All 4 now. Dishonest Fun is a Somethin’ Else production for Channel 4. The Circle Instagram: @c4thecircle Twitter: @C4TheCircle Channel 4 Instagram: @Channel4 Twitter: @Channel4 Alex Hobern Instagram: @alexhobern Twitter: @alexhobern Snoochie Shy Instagram: @snoochieshy Twitter: @snoochieshy Tim Wilson Instagram: @professor_tim_wilson Aleks Krotoski Instagram: @aleksk Twitter: @aleksk  

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