Jakki Durón on Abortion Rights and the Wild West Access Fund

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Abortion rights and abortion access have been issues at the forefront of the political world for decades, and especially so this year with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. One of the ways that abortion rights advocates work to maintain access is to help fund abortion services for people in need of assistance. These abortion funds have appeared and grown all over the country.

This week on Renoites we're joined by Jakki Durón, the current Vice President of the Wild West Access Fund, a Nevada abortion fund that has grown from a small mutual aid group into a non-profit that has distributed over $100,000.

Conor and Jakki discuss the Wild West Action Fund and abortion funds in general, the history of abortion stigmatization, financial restrictions like the Hyde Amendment, the intersection of abortion rights advocacy and liberation movements, modern and inclusive language around gender identity, and much more!

It was a very informative conversation and one that is very important for this moment. Thanks for listening.

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