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Politics Disassembled: Who is the real Kristina Moore? (July 14 2022)

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Episode notes

The votes have been cast, the main jobs have been filled...Election 2022 is just about to collapse wearily into a deckchair for the summer. With the notable exception of St Saviour, where the mysterious 'None of the above' may still cause a shock, the tide of the election has receded - leaving the former incumbent of the Chief Minister's chair high and dry, and Kristina Moore swimming off happily into the sunset. But where will she lead Jersey? Who is the real Kristina Moore? She says Jersey is now Back on Track, which is presumably A Better Way...but outside of three word slogans, what will it take to Get Kristina Done. Can she make the shift from Looking In to Leading? Jersey's new Chief Minister Kristina Moore joins James Filleul for Politics Disassembled.