A Womb of One's Own

By Sarah-Jane Crawford and Clarissa Pabi

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Welcome to A Womb of One’s Own with Sarah-Jane Crawford. This is a podcast about our experiences and feelings navigating our ambitions and our proverbial biological clocks. Through a set of candid interviews with amazing, successful and high-profile women, we eggsplore a taboo subject familiar to so many of us. Funny, intimate, and always honest, each episode explores women’s lives in their entirety but unlike other podcasts we also discuss one issue our guests have experienced around their fertility. By sharing never-heard before stories, A Womb of One's Own aims to normalise conversations about our bodies and how they work for us as we work to have it all. This podcast is a space to help everyone, feel like they can be part of the conversation and engage with their fertility wherever they are in their lives and journeys. On this podcast we share the stories, the knowledge and the truths women need to know (with the help of experts as well) to help you feel like you can take ownership of your fertility without feeling worried, or defined, by your ability to have a child or be a parent. And we know that every person’s journey is different; so whether you want a child, are not sure if you want kids, are experiencing your own fertility and health challenges, want kids later on in life or don't think you want children - we promise - this podcast is for you. A Womb of One’s Own is an independent podcast co-created by Emmy Award-winning presenter and broadcaster Sarah-Jane Crawford and award-winning producer and executive producer Clarissa Pabi; and this is their first baby/podcast together. The Host is Sarah-Jane Crawford, the Producer and Executive Producer is Clarissa Pabi, Sound Design by Clarissa Pabi, Artwork by Naomi Gennery, Mixing and Engineering by Kate McGinn, and original music by Aiwan Obinyan. The podcast is an all women production. "It takes a village to raise a child/make a podcast" ancient African proverb.

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